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Mainstream APC to launch 4,000 door-to-door campaigners, vehicles for Buhari’s re-election in Delta

Olorogun O'tega Emerhor and President Muhammadu Buhari

As Mainstream APC donates 10 branded vehicles to Buhari Campaign

By Eseoghene Emuke

In a bid to ensure that President Muhammadu Buhari is re-elected in the February 16th Presidential election, the Olorogun O’Tega Emerhor-led Mainstream of the All Progressives Congress in Delta State has concluded plans to launch a 4,000 door-to-door campaign team for the re-election of Mr. President.

The 4,000 door-to-door campaigners also known as “Buhari Canvassers” will be launched at the Grand Hotels in Asaba, the state capital on Saturday 9th.

In a statement issued by Olorogun Emerhor, leader of the Chief Cyril Ogodo-led faction of the  Delta State APC ahead of the inauguration of the body, said the Buhari Canvassers (BCs) are drawn from the 25 local government areas of the state.

The statement disclosed that the singular task of the BCs would be mobilize support for the re-election of President Buhari by going from house-to-house telling the Deltans what the Buhari-led administration has done in the last over three years.

Emerhor, who is the first politician to contest an election on the platform of the APC upon its formation in 2013, said the Buhari Canvassers would take the re-election campaign of Buhari to the 270 wards of the state with each of them winning 100 votes to Buhari.

Speaking on the motive behind the programme, he said, “The aim is to train a 4000 strong force of canvassers and equip them with materials (Buhari flyers, posters etc) to proceed on a door-to-door campaign in the 270 wards of Delta State.

“Each canvasser shall be charged to bring in a minimum of 100 votes. The 4000 canvassers are therefore expected to get out a minimum of 400,000 votes for our president. This will be in addition to the expected efforts of our other party members and leaders.”

The statement added that 10 new branded vehicles bearing the images of President Buhari, his Vice, Prof Osinbajo and the party logo would also be launch at the event for the 10 federal constituencies in the state to support ongoing campaigns of the All Progressives Congress in the state.

“The canvassers shall commence work on February 10th and shall canvass intensely for 6 days. The canvassers shall be supported by 10 Buhari branded campaign vehicles mounted with loud blaring speakers also distributing flyers and posters.

“The vehicles shall operate one each, in the 10 Federal Constituencies in the State. These vehicles have been contributed to the campaign programme and shall also be launched at the Conference.

“I write to commend all Mainstream party members and leaders to aggressively support this effort by gracing the Conference and helping to monitor and supervising the Canvassers in order for us to achieve our target number of votes for our President.

“The work of the Canvassers and leaders shall continue on Election Day February 16th in the form of monitoring and protection of the votes of Deltans for Mr President”, Emerhor stated.

The APC leader also disclosed that the crisis rocking the party would soon be over as ongoing reconciliatory efforts to bring all leaders and members of the party into one fold was yielding fruit, adding that final agreement would be reached before the forthcoming elections.

He added, “I write to thank you and to congratulate you for your steadfastness in the face of the challenges, Delta APC has faced since the contentious party congresses and primaries. As you are aware, to resolve the issues that arose, there are ongoing court cases.

“Also, I can report that we are at a point of breakthrough in the reconciliation talks that has been ongoing, and God willing, a unity agreement may be signed before the fast approaching elections.

“However, while we are still at this stage, one area where Delta APC has unity of purpose is that Delta must contribute to getting President Buhari get four more years in office. To this end, I have been working assiduously with our party structures ably led by Chief Cyril Ogodo to ensure that we, the mainstream of the party in Delta State contribute our own quota to getting votes out towards giving our dear president another four years in office.”


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